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creating minimalist designs for you & your home

celebrate valentine's day with rose water

our newest scent in just the right time. burn now, love well after the holiday.

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new wax melters!

shop our brand new wax melters and all the candle accessories you need for your candle closet.

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new room + linen sprays scent!

check out our new sprays that are hand poured and have custom blended, simple scents to quickly freshen any space. now in rose water!

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empower, breast cancer,

candles for a cause

check out our newest collab where 20% of proceeds are donated to

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  • soy wax

    our candles & melts are made from soy wax which is derived from the vegetable, soy bean. soy wax is natural, kosher & renewable.

    they are also free from parabens, phthalates & dyes.

  • custom scents

    all our scents are proprietary, custom blends that are exclusive to en mer. we spend the utmost time mixing perfectly curated scents to create the most luxorious products.

  • hand poured & pressed

    all candles, melts and sprays are hand poured in small batches, to ensure the perfect care is taken to each one.

    our apparel is also hand designed and hand pressed.