making cozy, chic

en mer creates minimalist home decor for you & your home.

made from soy wax: our candles are made from soy wax which is derived from the vegetable, soybeans. soy wax is both natural, kosher & renewable, meaning it is friendly to both you & the environment. it also has a longer burn time than some other types of wax and doesn’t require any chemical binds to blend the scent. the soy wax we use is an enhanced soy which means that it does include some soy additives to increase the effectiveness of the wax & the scent. these preservatives are common in a lot of the food we consume and the FDA recognizes them as being generally safe.

paraben, phthalate & dye free: all of our candles are 100% free of parabens and phthalates! in addition, all our candles are free from dyes giving you a beautiful white wax candle. some waxes do vary in color from a white, to yellow, to grey, and sometimes even pink.

custom scents: all en mer candles are uniquely blended scents that are exclusive to our candles. we spend the utmost time mixing perfectly curated scents to create the most luxurious candles.

hand poured in small batches in pennsylvania: every candle is poured by hand in very small batches to ensure the perfect care is taken to each one. we carefully melt the wax, adhere every wick by hand, and bind the custom blended scents at just the right temperature. not to mention, we don’t touch the candles until they are completely formed ensuring no agitation to the wax during the cooling period.

hand designed & hand pressed apparel: all apparel is hand designed to be cozy and comfortable. we also hand press every design! this is why we recommend washing them inside out and hanging to dry.

supporting US businesses: all components of our products are purchased domestically supporting both small & big businesses alike.

we are constantly testing, inventing and crafting new product for you. stay tuned and sign up for emails to be the first to find out when they launch.