the summer collection

the summer collection

this summer collection was one of my favorites, but of course, I say that every season! I always enjoy creating all the scents, the names, the labels, and putting the collection as a whole together. in this blog, we’ll dig into how the summer collection of soy wax candles and melts came together.

my prep for the season begins sometime in the Spring and falls into two parts. first, I start by looking at last year’s scents and see what people liked. the best sellers from last year were beach day and board shorts. right away, I know those are coming back and will be the start of the 2023 collection.

beach day was designed to be a summer staple! it perfectly captures that feeling of sitting on the beach in the sunshine – the scents of water, sunscreen, and the air flowing around you. I had someone message me once on Instagram asking if I had a candle that smelled like sunscreen and at the time I didn’t, but a couple seasons later this one was born and had me reminiscent of the request.

board shorts is the designated “man candle” of summer. every season I like to have at least one masculine blend that when women come looking for candles and say “but my husband has to like it” – I know where to send them! or, for all the men that enjoy shopping on their own, they can find something too! board shorts has the darker masculine undertones of musk, amber, moss, and sandalwood with the lightness of linen, sea salt, and bamboo.

laguna blue is by far my favorite candle from the summer collection! this one is like a tropical destination, but right in your home. as soon as I got the base oil for this, I knew it was going to be perfect! adding a little citrus into the mix took it up a notch. the combination of fresh fruits like goji berry, pineapple and lemon with tropical foliage and some green leaves is magical! I also loved the en mer LTD version of this candle that comes in a decorative blue crystal jar.

ocean breeze was a scent that was created for last summer! after having too many scents (like always) I had to pull some out of the rotation. but I had already purchased these beautiful blue jars, so I decided to make a limited run of the scent in the jars and make it exclusive to one of my favorite stores. I wanted to add a simple choice to this summer's lineup, one that was more straightforward and had a simpler undertone. ocean breeze fell in the mix and has been a favorite at summer shows!

beachwood cottage was a last minute addition. this was a candle I poured months ago while testing out a new beachwood oil. I combined it with some orange, apple, and red currant to create a merge between a summer and a fall candle. I know some of you blast through your candles in a matter of weeks (or days!), but others savor them a little longer. the idea on beachwood cottage was that it could transition wonderfully into fall and the neutral label also made it a staple for any season or any home.

amalfi coast was the last scent to join the fold! I was inspired by my sister getting married and taking her honeymoon to the amalfi coast, along with a friend recently traveling there. it’s no secret that I love a lemon candle, but I wanted a way to bring it into summer. combining the sharp lemon with hints of mint, sea salt, ozone, and a little sugar crystals made me think of taking a sip of a perfect drink while laying by the ocean.

there’s also a couple extra scents included in the en mer LTD lineup with special jars. in a future blog, we’ll dig into how those came to be! but in the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the summer collection.

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