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en mer | rattan diffuser reeds

en mer | rattan diffuser reeds

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our rattan diffuser reeds have been created to give you the best scent throw! choose your color and get to smelling good! plus, they are recyclable and biodegradable. 

comes in a set of 20. we recommend 6-10 for a bathroom or small room and 12-20 for larger rooms. 

available separately: reed diffuser liquid bases and reed diffuser vessels, or buy the whole kit together with savings.

about reed diffusers

reed diffusers are the perfect addition to your home with non-stop scent and very little maintenance. fill your home with the beautiful aroma of our custom-blended scents 24 hours a day.

each base will last approximately 6-12 weeks depending on the amount of reeds you use and how frequently you flip.

how to use & reuse

please note, diffuser reeds are not reusable and should be discarded after the base is evaporated.

step 1: unscrew the collar from your diffuser vessel.

step 2: remove the protective shipping tape from the diffuser base and pour slowly into the vessel.

you can use the spout or unscrew the top completely and you might want to do this over the sink.

step 3: screw the collar back onto the vessel.

step 4: insert your reeds into the vessel.

we recommend 6-10 for a bathroom or small room and 12-20 for larger rooms - remember you can always add more later if the scent isn't strong enough.

the most important step: carefully flip the reeds after the first 24 hours and then every 5-7 days after to maintain a beautiful scent

our reed diffuser vessels are totally reusable! if you're sticking with the same scent, just refill the base & reeds and enjoy.

if you're trying out a new scent, we recommend cleaning the vessel first with a small amount of alcohol, or with water and a very small amount of dish detergent.

let it dry completely before refilling.


black: 7"L

natural: 8"L

sold in a set of 20


made from rattan

recyclable and biodegradable

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